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  • International logistics

    Access Logistik offers a wide range of logistics services and a large global distribution network based on a widespread cooperation with partners providing reloading platforms in whole Europe. Our offer includes the following transport services: - full-loads /dedicated - part-loads - groupage As far as transport of cargo is concerned, we cooperate only with experienced team of partners/subcontractors selected within many years, thus ensuring the highest quality of logistics solutions. We provide a large choice of transport vehicles and auxiliary equipment depending on a specificity of given cargo and possibilities of loading/reloading. Our offer also covers transport of dangerous cargo (ADR) and refrigerated cargo.
  • Domestic transport

    We develop together with our clients.
    Meeting expectations of our existing clients we enlarged a number of distribution services available in the country. Deliveries are carried out by means of dedicated transport services based on “just in time” system as well as in the form of part-load services/intermodal to optimize time, deliveries efficiency and costs.
  • Transport of oversized loads

    Almost every larger investment entails the necessity of transport of equipment and other elements exceeding the size of semi-trailers or containers. Transport of oversized loads means any transport with vehicle combination dimensions exceeding, with no tolerance, even one centimetre.
    The most typical and most popular dimensions in Europe are the following:
    - the length of vehicle combination with a semi-trailer – 16.50 metres;
    - the length of vehicle combination with a trailer – 18.50 metres;
    - width of the vehicle – 2.50 metres;
    - height of the vehicle - 4 metres.
    The authorized laden weight of vehicle combination in Europe ranges from 38 to 42 tonnes, depending on the country. Is your cargo too heavy, too long or too wide?
    If you are interested in transport of oversized loads by means of technical vehicles, please contact us.
  • Sea transport

    To fully satisfy our client’s needs we also offer sea transport.

    Owing to cooperation with shipowners and marine agencies we are able to deliver the following services:
    - transport of conventional as well as dangerous cargo
    - transport of full container loads
    - transport of bulk container loads
    - cargo insurance on an individual client’s request
    - reloading
International logistics
International logistics
Domestic transport
Domestic transport
Transport of oversized loads
Transport of oversized loads
Sea transport
Sea transport
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